Videogame April Fool PR Analysis

Gaming and business website Gamasutra has hosted an extensive videogame April Fool PR analysis for promotional stunts pulled this year. ICO Partners‘ German PR Executive Thomas Reisenegger has analysed eight separate campaigns and constructed four case studies to produce an extensive report.

The studies compare various media channels in multiple graphs over a span of months. Games with both high and low coverage pre-April are considered to gauge the effectiveness of their April Fool’s promotion. Looking at both successful and unsuccessful stunts, Reisenegger’s analysis aims to discover the secrets to an effective April Fool campaign.

In a surprise twist, one of the campaigns was later revealed to be the construct of fans of the Rocket League videogame, and not an official stunt.

It’s a long and fascinating read, with some interesting graphs and handy conclusions. Whether you work in or with the videogame industry or not, the analysis is valuable for any kind of marketer.

Is an April fools’ joke a good PR tool for your game? [via Gamasutra]

Oliver Connor

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