Top Valentine’s Day PR Stunts

The most romantic day of the year is a perfect excuse for some top Valentine’s Day PR stunts. Here are some of our favourites from recent years.


Valentines Day PR stunts - O2 tweetheartsTelecommunications company O2 gave people the chance to make public displays of affection in their retail windows and store lounge displays by using the hashtag #O2Tweetheart via Twitter.

Apart from winning hearts, messages displayed also had the chance of winning Valentine’s themed prizes such as hotel, restaurant and high street vouchers.


IKEA’S Free “9 Months Later” Cot

Valentine'sDay PR stunts - IKEA


IKEA Australia offered a free cot to parents of babies born an exact nine months after Valentine’s Day in 2013.

This cut-out coupon had to be presented along with proof that the baby had been born on the 14th of November for parents to take advantage of IKEA’s cheeky offer.





Taking to the skies of Verona, home to Romeo and Juliet, ‘Cupidrone’ was armed with a single red rose and tasked with the mission of finding “Enamored couples and lonely souls who are looking for love” in the run-up to Valentine’s 2015. Once it found its target, it dropped the rose at their feet. The resulting film of people’s reactions was a major viral success for the site and its parent company, The Flower Council of Holland.



ASDA Twosie

Valentine's Day PR stunts - ASDA Twosie


In 2012, ASDA released a limited run of 100 “Twosies” through their George fashion range.

Designed as a double poncho with bunny hoods and the phrase “love bunnies” on the back, the twosies sold out extremely quickly at the price of £25 each.





Pizza Hut Proposal in a Box

Valentine's Day PR stunts - Pizza Hut


In 2012 Pizza Hut in America offered their $10 dinner box with a $10,000 side order of a ruby engagement ring, bouquet of flowers, professional fireworks display, limo service and a professional videographer.



B&Q “Rope, Cable Ties and Tape” memo

Earlier this month, a B&Q internal memo surfaced warning its staff to “prepare for an increase in demand for rope, cable ties and tape ahead of the release of the film Fifty Shades Of Grey”.

The supposed leak was given high media coverage in the days following its release, followed by the revelation a couple of days later that the whole thing had been a canny Valentine’s Day PR stunt by the Good Relations agency.

We would have confessed to this sooner, but our hands were tied.

Dove Tweet Screen

Valentine's Day PR stunts - DoveIn 2012 Dove used an advertising screen at London’s Victoria Station to pose questions such as “What makes you feel beautiful?” and “What puts a smile on your face?”. Commuters sent their responses through Twitter or text, the best of which were then displayed.

Dove brand ambassadors were also in the station to hand out white tulips for people to share with someone special.



Shoot it Yourself @LionelAndEllen

Valentine's Day PR stunts - Lionel and Ellen

Wedding video company Shoot it Yourself got Lionel and Ellen Buxton, the couple in Britain’s longest relationship to answer questions on Twitter in 2012, in celebration of 82 years together.

Answering questions such as “How do you know when you’ve found “the one”? and “How do you resolve a difference of opinion?”, this simple and sweet promotion is still on Twitter to enjoy.


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