The Top Ten Xmas Adverts of 2015

Opinium Research has released its list of top ten Xmas adverts of 2015.

The festive advertising market is extremely competitive, with advertisers trying to outdo each other in entertainment and sentimentality to capture the Christmas spirit. More importantly, they aim to capture the imagination and spending power of people watching them.

The traditional big players in the season advertising market are Coca-Cola and John Lewis (read our History of the John Lewis Advert here), but this poll shows some new contenders making an impression.

Over half of the 2060 respondents gave Sainsbury’s a resounding victory, voting in favour of the supermarket’s “Mog the Cat” campaign.

The full run-down is an good insight into the current trends in Christmas advertising and what is currently going down well with the people who matter the most – the viewers.

10. Morrisons – “Handmade Right Here”

This advert doesn’t innovate in terms of presentation, but the focus on the range of locally-sourced, handmade foods available at Morrisons is a message that proved popular with viewers.

9. Tesco – “Gluten-free”

Another advert that highlights the quality and range of food available, Tesco obviously impressed with its “Whole Christmas Covered” message, which it expanded to those with dietary requirements.

8. Lidl – “School Of Christmas”

A light-hearted take on Christmas traditions, it’s easy to see why this advert from Lidlwas popular with viewers.

7. – “The Journey/Sky”

This simple and effective advert gets its message across and has excellent branding, as distinctive pink boxes arrive to cheer people’s Christmas day.

6. (JOINT) Asda – “#becauseitschristmas”/ Marks and Spencers – “The Art Of Christmas”

Sharing the position of sixth place isn’t the only thing these adverts have in common. Both efforts are high-octane, brightly-presented, and cover every element of the Xmas season.

5. Cadbury – “Cadbury Christmas 2015”

An impressive practical feat, and a cheeky take on Coca-Cola’s previous campaigns, Cadbury capitalises on its association with advent calendars to great effect.

4. John Lewis – “Man on the Moon”

John Lewis’ “event advertising” has become the benchmark for seasonal commercials in recent years, so it’s interesting that they only place fourth on this list. Not that it will matter too much to John Lewis – their sales are more than healthy and this advert was an instant viral and social success upon launch.

3. Coca Cola – “Holidays Are Coming”

Like the drink it manufactures, Coca-Cola sticks to its successful formula when it comes to Christmas advertising. It’s a formula that still works, as the its placement on this list shows.

2. Aldi – “Favourite Things”

A traditionally festive advert that showcases the range of products available from Aldi which shows that you don’t have to push the boat too much with fancy CGI and celebrity cameos to make an impact.

1. Sainsbury’s – “Mog’s Christmas Calamity”

With over half the votes of the Opinium poll in favour of this advert, it’s hands down the favourite of this year. More short film than product-displaying advert, Sainsbury’s has certainly taken a leaf out of the John Lewis advertising handbook, especially with the charity connections.

Oliver Connor

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