Social Media Trends for 2016 and Beyond – Part Two

Continuing with the analysis of social media trends in marketing for 2016, we have more insight for your consideration.

If you missed out on part one you can read it here.

1. Programmatic Placement

This type of automated placement is taking the user experience to a whole new level by tailoring advertisements to fit consumer profiles. The benefits? It’s a swift automatic process, and more likely to generate context-relevant content that users will engage with.

This article is particularly useful for explaining the concept of programmatic placement and how it works.

Still Can’t Work Out How Programmatic Advertising Works? Watch This Video

2. Filtering

In retaliation to processes like programmatic placement, overly-aggressive advertising, and general information overload, users are turning to filtering tools such as adblock in ever increasing numbers. The sheer amount of choice online means that it’s easy for users to flock to media channels and platforms which they feel better represent their views and desired online experience.

3. Wearables

It’s about more than just the Apple Watch. Wearable tech ranges from fitness trackers (which can also track sleep, diet and even sweat!), to augmented reality glasses and gloves which can control your smartphone. What does this mean for social media and marketing? Quite a lot when you combine it with…

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