Reebok Launch Pop Up Gym in Bus Stop

Pop Up Gym in Bus Stop

Reebok have put a pop up gym in six bus stops in Colombia as part of their The Gym is Everywhere campaign.

Installed by JC Decaux Colombia, the bus stops in Bogota and Cali were fitted out as a mini gym comprising of bars, steps, and a personal trainer. Each stop allowed users to engage in a variety of physical activity, gain a certificate, and share their accomplishments on social media. There’s also the bonus of burning calories and a quick endorphin rush, which is also part of Reebok’s communication strategy, which is: “focused on improving the quality of life through physical activity.”

This latest PR stunt compliments a similar pop up gym in London where people were put through a variety of crossfit training in a public setting.

You can see a video of people being put their paces in the mini pop up bus stop gym in the video below.

Oliver Connor

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