The Power of Positive Marketing #03 – Target and Barbie

Positive marketing Target Barbie - swimwear

A double whammy of brand positivity with Target and Barbie was launched in March of this year. Mattel launched a new range of Barbie dolls with a variety of body types (tall, petite and curvy), and more skin tone varieties. US clothing retailer Target used this launch to team up with the toy company and have the new dolls model swimsuits from their collection as part of their “Target Loves Every Body” campaign.

Using the hashtag #NOFOMO (No Fear OF Missing Out) to encourage women to share images and stories, Target has produced swimsuits for a range of body types. In a blog post, Target explained how the campaign’s aim is: “all about shaking off body insecurities and not letting anything get in the way of having fun in our swimsuits!”

Swimsuits, clothing, and dolls which caters to a variety of body types is a lucrative market, and one which both Target and Mattel are keen to tap into. This team up seems to have worked: Fortune reported that both companies posted increased sales after the launch of this body positive campaign.

Oliver Connor

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