Positive Marketing Principles

There’s been movement within various industries and organisations to consider the approach of positive marketing principles, which take into consideration a wider scope of factors beyond the basics of a marketing campaign.

Considerations of positive marketing

Marketing can often be seen as a “dark art”, and one that is often approached differently by social organisations, not-for-profit enterprises, or industries with a social conscience.

If you are considering this type of approach to marketing, there are many questions to ask yourself regarding achieving the desired positive impact. How does the marketing contribute to people’s sense of belonging? Does it engender respect? Is community considered? How sustainable is the production of the campaign and the message it is conveying?

There are no hard and fast rules to this approach to marketing, but the principles of people, community, planet and impact are worth bearing in mind.

For the full breakdown of the principles mentioned above and some excellent points to consider, we recommend this article:

12 principles of positive marketing

Oliver Connor

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