Logo Redesigns of 2015

It’s time for one final look back at the previous year with these logo redesigns of 2015. From the clever to the controversial, 2015 saw a trend towards simplification in both graphical and typographical presentation. Here are some of the best and worst logo redesigns that defined 2015.


Logo Redesigns of 2015 - Daily Motion


A perfect example of 2015’s trend towards simplification, French video site dailymotion ditched the graphic element of its old logo, tidied up its font, and put its new logo against a brighter shade of blue. The new font still has graphical flourishes, which are more noticeable in the absence of extra clutter.

You can read about the logo designer venturethree’s process here.



Logo redesigns of 2015 - Facebook





So subtle that it was almost missed, Facebook’s in-house redesign still got people talking once the redesign was ironically announced on Twitter. The slight changes got typography experts talking. You can read some their reactions here:

New Logo for Facebook done in-house with Eric Olson


ElectroluxLogo redesigns of 2015 - Electrolux





Another simplification of typography, but this time with an additional colour change. London-based global brand and marketing consultancy Prophet updated the slightly dated font, replacing it with one that was more modern and complimentary with the Electrolux logo, which was (colour aside) left unchanged.

Prophet’s design process: Refreshing a Global Icon



Logo redesigns of 2015 - Google











Yet another typographical simplification. Certainly not as blink-and-you’ll-miss-it as Facebook, Google’s logo redesign was another one for the typographical community to pore over and pick apart. Like many big-name rebranding exercise, Google’s new logo was met with equal amounts of love and hate, with most people agreeing that they’ll get used to it in time.

The Branding Gods (Mostly) Love Google’s New Logo

The New Yorker – Why You Hate Google’s New Logo


Royal Albert Hall

Logo redesigns of 2015 - Royal Albert Hall


A logo rebrand with distinctive silhouette, simple geometry and a retro-modern colour scheme, coupled with a less fussy font gave the Royal Albert Hall brand its first visual overhaul since 2004. Designed to celebrate “…the Hall’s iconic shape in coloured layers which help to convey the range, richness and vibrancy of our activities.”, you can read more about the logo’s design process here:

The Royal Albert Hall introduces new logo and design system to reaffirm its world class venue status


Logo redesigns of 2015 - KFC





Another example of the “less is more” approach to logo design in 2015, KFC stripped their iconic Colonel Sanders of all extra detail to concentrate on the most recognisable part of him: his face. The simplification didn’t stop there – this was just one part of an overall rebranding endeavour by KFC that included new packaging, interior/exterior decoration, and the return of the iconic Colonel in TV spots.

KFC Brings Back Colonel as Part of Rebranding Effort


Logo redesigns of 2015 - IHOP







Possibly inspired by the “turn that frown upside-down” ethos behind Amazon’s logo, America’s International House Of Pancakes commissioned 360/Studio Tilt to revitalise a somewhat tired and literally sad logo into something instantly recognisable and friendly. IHOP has capitalised on this rebrand with campaigns such as a “Summer of smiles” and a “Share what makes you smile” #IHOPSmile campaign on social media.

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