Going Viral

Every marketer dreams of their campaign going viral. However, the recipe for viral success is almost impossible to replicate. The changing and unpredictable factors of taste and timing mean that going viral is nor an exact science. However, there are some tactics that can be deployed to increase your chances of your campaign making an impact.

Going Viral: First Steps

Choosing your platform

Whilst it would be great to go viral from a spontaneous upload to YouTube, planning is key to any marketing campaign. Knowing how and where your content will be hosted and where you will focus different parts of your campaign means that eve if you don’t go viral, your campaign will be suitably fleshed out.

Do your research

Knowing your target audience and their various likes, dislike and triggers can help you create more relatable content which is more likely to be appreciated and shared. Making an emotional connection is easier if you know whose emotions you are targeting.

Researching times and dates which would be advantageous to launching a campaign is also a crucial factor. Releasing content at an unexpected or complimentary time can help add to the campaign’s likelihood of being shared.

Going Viral: Considerations

Make it shareable

The whole point of viral content that it’s contagious, hence the name. Ensuring that sharing your content is quick and easy removes one of the main barriers to content going viral.

Don’t be boring

Making the content share-worthy is also a guaranteed way to make your audience want to share it. A funny, moving, unusual or useful video is more likely to be shared than a generic advert.

Going Viral: On the Pulse

Stay up to date

The Guardian runs a weekly viral video showcase. It’s a valuable collection of the week’s viral hits. Keeping up to date with the latest viral trends can provide inspiration or show a gap in the market.

Staying up to date with technology, social media and news platforms is another essential way to improve your viral chances. You may discover a social media feature update which your campaign can utilise, or be alerted to a breaking news story which could affect your campaign either negatively or positively.

Going Viral: If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Keep trying

It’s important to remember that even if your campaign isn’t a worldwide internet sensation with millions of hits and shares, it’s not a disaster. Viral marketing is an inexact science of capturing lightning in a bottle. Stay open to opportunities, keep your finger on the pulse and aim to do a good job that you’re happy with, whether it goes viral or not.

Oliver Connor

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