Flavoured Fireworks!

Got a taste for explosive marketing stunts? You’ll love the idea of flavoured fireworks!

Today is Guy Fawkes Day in the UK, where firework displays are held across the country. It’s a good excuse to revisit this unique multi-sensory display from The Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve Firework Display celebrations from 2013/2014, where attendees on the South Bank were showered with flavoured confetti as part of the launch of Vodafone’s social media “Firsts” initiative, which features people achieving “remarkable” things via Vodafone technology and connectivity.

Created in unison with Bompas & Parr, an agency who specialise in “flavour-based experience design”, this multi-sensory event started with 10,000 people between the Hungerford and Westminster Bridges being given branded packs which contained LED wristbands, flavoured sweets and scratch-and-sniff programme leaflets.

Giant fruit and Vodafone logos were projected onto nearby buildings during the minutes leading up to the New Year countdown. Once the fireworks started, bursts of flavoured confetti, bubbles and smoke were launched alongside the explosions, with colours matching flavours. Red fireworks were accompanied by a strawberry flavour, yellow by banana, and orange by…you guessed it – orange flavour!

Those outside of the radius of the confetti could still smell the fruit as the fireworks exploded, and despite wind and rain, the overall experience was deemed a success by those who attended this unique event. Vodafone also created an AR app which allowed people who couldn’t be there in person to view the firework display on a smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, the technology to deliver taste and smell via an app isn’t with us…yet.


Oliver Connor

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