Creation of the Iconic Nike Swoosh Logo

Creation of the Nike Swoosh Logo

As logos go, you don’t get more iconic that Nike’s swoosh – a simple, distinctive tick which has represented the brand for over 40 years. The creation of Nike’s distinctive logo is a fascinating story with some incredible facts.

Created in 1971 by graphic designer Carolyn Davidson, her simple tick was initially met with lukewarm reception by her clients who needed a quick logo for their new brand of sports footwear. She was paid $35 for her work, designed whilst she was still a student at Portland State University.

In a rare interview, she has talked about her creative process and the legacy of the Nike swoosh logo: “I like it, I really do. I never get tired of looking at it.”

The whole interview goes into fascinating detail about how the logo was developed and its continuing legacy.

Creator of Nike’s famed Swoosh remembers its conception 40 years later¬†[via Oregon Live]

Oliver Connor

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