Clorox Social Media Winter Flu Campaign

We’re looking at the Clorox social media winter flu campaign today. Launched by the American-based cleaning product producers Clorox Co., the campaign has used social media not just for promotion, but for innovate pre-campaign research.

Clorox collaborated with author and social media expert Jonah Berger to look into social media behavioural patterns and conversations. They discovered a spike in flu-related conversations a week before the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed an outbreak. Their analysis involved searching social media channel for reference to “cold”, “flu” and even “chicken noodle soup”. The results were compared with CDC weekly reports. Once the method was proven to show a clear pattern, Clorox approached the smart data company Bottlenose to develop a dedicated platform for analysing social media chatter and filter it into a dedicated Pulse website.

On the Pulse

Clorox Social Media Winter Flu CampaignThe Pulse website is a practical piece of marketing where people can check hot spots for flu and pick up practical advice on flu prevention. It was promoted through traditional physical and social media channels with a #StopTheSpread hashtag.

Clorox’s Associate Marketing Director, Molly Steinkrauss said: “This year, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to provide more value and utility.”

The data analysis undertaken and then automated for the campaign website is also an interesting new direction for marketing and market insight.

Bottlenose Vice President, Josh Pink added: “We can isolate that conversation based on certain markets and geographies, and certain audiences. If we just want to look at how females in Texas are talking about the flu, we can.”

The whole story of Clorox’s unique use of this social media analysis, including fascinating insights such as people tweeting about binge-watching Netflix a week before coming down with flu symptoms, can be read through the link below.

How Clorox Used Social Media to Curb Flu Season [via American Marketing Association]

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