Cerys Matthews Sings the Praises of the Electric Car

Singer Cerys Matthews has recorded a song whilst travelling in four different electric cars which were converted into miniature recording studios to promote one of the unexpected benefits of electric cars – the reduced noise.

Cerys Matthews Sings in Electric Car

The UK Government and electric car industry promoters Go Ultra Low campaign worked with the singer and her band to produce this unique campaign. Whilst the positive environmental impact of electric vehicles is widely known, the additional benefits of a quieter, more pleasant experience is something which could convince more drivers to make the switch.


Speaking about her experience, Matthews said: “I want my family to live a greener life, and electric cars give us the opportunity to do that. What was surprising when we drove one was that it’s actually a much more enjoyable ride for the driver and passengers, no more having to shout (or sing!) above the engine noise – it’s a more relaxing experience.

You can listen to the complete track “Float on Down to Monte Carlo” in the video below.

Oliver Connor

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