Advertising in 2016 – Industry Analysis

The only similarity between marketing and advertising in 2016 and marketing and advertising in previous years and decades is the constant need to re-evaluate your approach and to keep your finger on the pulse of current and emergent trends. What exactly these approaches and trends are will depend on many factors beyond simple presentation.

12 industry leaders from organisations such as the School of Visual Arts in New York, Buzzfeed and Anomaly Amstersdam were asked by the American Marketing Association for their perspective on trends to look out for in 2016. There are a multitude of opinions, but the trend seems to be towards a more genuine, positive experience.

Millennials are also driving a trend towards “recent nostalgia”, with clever references to memes that may only be a few years old a potential approach to a savvy campaign. Touching on the generation gap, Richard Wilde, Chair of the BFA advertising and design departments at the School of Visual Arts in New York highlights the difference between older and younger consumers: “…for the younger generations—or people in general who think and act young—given the way consumers now consume, attitudes will only change in proportion to the infusion of honesty, humor and humane dialogue coupled with meaningful storytelling.”

Storytelling is an element highlighted by Karen Zuckerman, CCO, president and cofounder of HZDG​, who argues for a more mixed-media “journalistic approach” to advertising in 2016. Buzzfeed’s Vice president of creative services, Melissa Rosenthal backs this up while talking about in-stream advertising: “The content will need to be increasingly honest, relatable and contextually relevant in order to help shift perceptions.”

There’s also a lot of love for tools that make it easier for ordinary people with no training to produce high-quality images and videos, with the added bonus that this can make them more appreciative of the work of professional audio-visual designers.

The whole article is inspiring reading and excellent food for thought.

Oliver Connor

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